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Volunteers are an important and highly valued part of Bendigo Art Gallery’s day-to-day operation, and there are various opportunities for people to become involved.

Individuals interested in participating on a more involved and longer-term basis could consider the Voluntary Guides and Friends of Bendigo Art Gallery.  Secondary and tertiary students who would like to explore a career in the arts can inquire about a short-term placement.  For further information on the different options, see below.


The Friends of Bendigo Art Gallery

The Friends of Bendigo Art Gallery present the very popular Art & Tea public program.  Across the year, Art & Tea events include a range of presenters speaking on various topics that relate to temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection.

The Friends are a dedicated group of individuals who also provide support to the Gallery by assisting staff with activities such as large mail outs and also by acting as attendants at some after hours events. 

The Friends organise various fundraising events, and dedicate funds raised to the needs of the Gallery and the broader community.  For information on joining the Friends, or to know more about the Friends' events program, please phone reception on 03 5434 6088.

Download the Friends of Bendigo Art Gallery membership form.


Voluntary Guides

Bendigo Art Gallery's Voluntary Guides provide an integral service.  The Voluntary Guides deliver daily tours of the permanent collection, assist Education Officers with large school groups, and schedule tours of special exhibitions.

Taking part in tours presented by our Voluntary Guides offers visitors the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of art, perhaps instilling a life-long enthusiasm for the Gallery in the process.

Bendigo Art Gallery Voluntary Guides participate in an ongoing training program that includes talks by artists and industry professionals, in addition to regular visits to other galleries and exhibitions. While the recruitment and training process to become a Guide is a vigorous one, it is an ultimately rewarding experience through which these volunteers become part of the public face of the Gallery. Recruitment for the Guides usually occurs biennially.  Please contact reception on 5434 6088 for more information.



Bendigo Art Gallery does not currently offer a structured internship program for university students.  The Gallery does occasionally host tertiary students to assist with and learn about specific programs and events. The content and duration of any internship must be negotiated between the Gallery and the relevant higher education institution.


Work experience

Each year Bendigo Art Gallery makes a few placements available for secondary school students undertaking structured workplace learning or work experience. These placements fill quickly and it is advisable to contact the Gallery early. 

If you would like to inquire about any of our volunteering options, please contact the Gallery by email on [email protected] and include your area of interest in the subject line.


Post Office Gallery Volunteers

Situated in the former post office building, Post Office Gallery is a satellite gallery of Bendigo Art Gallery. Post Office Gallery offers a changing exhibition program that explores the region’s long and proud history. 

If you love history and collections and would like to be involved with this unique gallery, contact the Curator, City History and Collections on 5434 6089 or [email protected]