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Forever Marilyn

Forever Marilyn, the eight metre high sculpture by American artist Seward Johnson, is currently on display in Bendigo. The sculpture, based on the photo by Bernard of Hollywood, depicts the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe in  the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch where a gust of wind catches the star's white dress as while standing over a subway grate.

The 15-tonne sculpture is made from stainless steel and aluminium and is on display in Bendigo to complement the exhibition Bendigo Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox present Marilyn Monroe, on display at Bendigo Art Gallery from 5 March - 10 July 2016. The sculpture has been seen in Chicago and Palm Springs, USA and makes its international debut in Bendigo.

Visit Forever Marilyn at Charing Cross, corner of View Street and Pall Mall, Bendigo. Share your experience on social media using #marilynbendigo.


Image: Forever Marilyn by Seward Johnson ©1996, 2011 The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc. Based on the Photo by Bernard of Hollywood  Photo: Gregg Felsen