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What's on - Students

Student Tours

All schools are welcome to visit Bendigo Art Gallery. Tours of the Gallery's permanent collection and or special exhibitions are available with an Education Officer.   Tours can be selected from those offered below or can be tailored to meet your specific curriculum needs. Tours are free with an Education Membership or are $3.50 per student.

Please contact an Education Officer to discuss and book your Gallery visit.


Student Group Tours of The Costume Designer: Edith Head & Hollywood

Free introductory 15 minute presentations available Monday to Friday introducing students to the Studio System, the role of the costume designer and Edith Head’s designs. Then self tour The Costume Designer: Edith Head & Hollywood exhibtion.
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Costume Design for students

These FREE workshops for Year 9-12 students for LEAP partner schools provide viewing of The Costume Designer: Edith Head and Hollywood and a Costume Design workshop with renowned Fashion Illustrator, Angie Rehe.
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New Art Workshops

* Sketchbooks* Portrait Plays* Creative Compositions* Drawing games
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Talking Art

Discover the language of artists and galleries and the words used to describe the visual art elements such as colour, line and shape.
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Contemporary Minds

Explore the materials and processes used by contemporary artists as well as the themes that Australian contemporary artists are exploring in their work today.
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The Language of Landscape

View early Australian landscapes from the turn of the 20th century, modern landscape paintings and those of contemporary Indigenous artists. Compare and contrast these styles and discuss the meanings covered. Available for school groups, bookings are essential.
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Let's look back, Australian people and places

Who came to the Victorian goldfields and what did Bendigo look like in 1862? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this tour looking at Bendigo history and important Australian issues such as immigration and the altered environment.
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Label your Gallery

Children are invited to visit the Gallery to share their questions and stories and help us create a series of children's labels to be displayed in the Gallery
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