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Get the latest updates and announcements on the Bendigo Art Gallery and our exhibitions.  ​We are active on social media and post regularly about our exhibitions and art works.  So follow us to be the first to find out about our programmes, events and activities.  We also love to hear from you.

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Our social media channels are monitored during business hours, Monday to Friday, so share your thoughts and feedback.

You can also contact us at:

42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC 3550
T (+61 3) 5434 6088
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Acceptable Use Statement

Bendigo Art Gallery reserves the right to remove content that violates our Social Media Policy or any associated policy. 

Materials authored or posted are subject to public disclosure.

When committing your views to this Bendigo Art Gallery social media accounts please ensure that you:

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Bendigo Art Gallery reserves the right to remove any content which violates this Acceptable Use Statement, the Bendigo Art Gallery Social Media Policy or any associated policy.


The above listed social media sites are operated and managed by Bendigo Art Gallery. The contents of the reply posts do not represent Bendigo Art Gallery’s official views and no liability is accepted for the content. 

For clarification on any content please email us on [email protected] .




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